Laser Beam Expander with Diopter Movement / BE-6-V

This is an optical system for expanding a small collimated laser beam to a larger one. Fine adjustment of the collimator is available using the diopter correction function. You can use in a high precision optical system like an interferometer or laser processing with lens designed for wave from aberration.

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◦The beam expander optical system is air-space with no bonded lenses and can be used for high powered laser applications.
◦With the Galilean type lens configuration, it reduces the number of aberration corrections and shortens the length of the beam expander.
◦By turning the diopter ring on the beam expander, you can have a varied collimated beam with beam divergence on the focused beam. A beam waist or an accurate adjustment of the collimation is required.
◦There is a wide variety with different magnification and wavelengths to choose from.
◦With the different types of BE-V and LBED visible lasers, can be attached to a He-Ne (05-LHP) lasers with an adapter (included).
◦As for the beam expanders type for visible lasers (LBED, BE-V), the accessory (He-Ne laser connection adapter) has been changed to a separate product (LBED-ADP-1) from June 2021. For details, please refer to the important notice " Introduction to Laser Beam Expander Accessories".
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Catalog Code W3091
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶We provide the laser beam expander holders (KLH-BE) for optical axis adjustment of the laser beam expander.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4147
▶We can also fabricate achromatic beam expanders with multiple wave lengths other than those found in on-line and in our catalog, call our Sales Division for more information.
▶Fabrication of beam expander for high-energy pulsed laser is also available.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W3200
Attention ▶By using in the opposite direction, it will not create a reduction in diameter of the collimated beam. Please use the appropriate optical system by determining the position of the beam waist and the divergence angle of the laser beam.
Laser Damage Threshold 4J/cm2
φB φ36mm
φD φ36mm
Design wavelength 400 - 700nm※2
Barrel Diameter φE φ40mm
Barrel length A 102.0±3mm
Weight 0.17kg
Mounting thread C M22 P0.75
Input aperture (Maximum) φ4.3mm