Motorized Zoom Laser Beam Expander / BEZM-1/8-1030/1100

Motorized Zoom Laser Beam Expander, covering a wider range of wavelengths than conventional products. Lens design that takes wavefront aberration into consideration allows use in advanced optical systems such as interferometry and laser processing.

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Both the optical design and coating wavelength range have been extended compared to conventional products, allowing use over a wide wavelength range.
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Catalog Code W2103
RoHS Yes
CE Yes
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CAD data
  • The installation direction assumes the mounting surface is down.
  • A 4-axis Alignment Stage/TLF-5085 is available for optical axis alignment.
  • When used with a high power laser or near a light source that produces high heat, the lens may become hot and the focal length may change.
  • Lenses are made of synthetic fused silica only and are not corrected for chromatic aberration.
  • Use shutter control or other means to prevent laser light from incident on the product during magnification change.
  • Please handle cables with care. Impact, compression, bending, twisting, tension, etc. may cause the cable to break.
  • When reducing the beam diameter, the laser energy density at the small aperture (exit aperture) may exceed the laser damage threshold (*1) of the lens and break the beam expander.
  • If the beam expander is used in the opposite direction (beam reduction direction), the desired effect may not be achieved. Please refer to the Laser Beam Expander Technical Note for details.
Variable expansion ratio1 - 8x
AR coating wavelengths1030 - 1100nm
Output Aperture Diameter38mm
Input Aperture Diameter14mm
Pointing <0.2mrad(reference)
Laser Damage Threshold※10.0J/cm2

※Laser pulse width: 10ns, repetition frequency: 20Hz