Vertical Control Gimballed Beamsplitter Holder / BSHL-50-2

These vertical holders are ideal for small spacers due to their thin design and vertical adjustment. Holders can be positioned close to each other reducing optical system size.
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◦There are two types, one is fitted with knobs on top (BSHL-2), and the other is without knobs and adjusted by hex wrench (BSHL-TF).
◦This product provides large clear aperture of transmitted beam even if beamsplitter is placed at 45 degrees.
◦The gimbal design maintains the center position of mirror even when fine adjusted.
◦Adjustment screws can be fixed with the clamp screws on the back of the mounts.
◦Two M4 mounting holes are also provided on both sides to mount the holder horizontally.
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Catalog Code W4012
RoHS Yes
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CAD data
Guide ▶M6 mounting plates are available for purchase.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4510
▶Can be mounted on post stands (PST-**) using the M4 tapped holes of holders. WEB Reference Catalog Code/W6039
▶Custom baseplates can be made to order.
Attention ▶The locking clamps prevent the adjustment screws from rotating.
▶To adjust the BSHL-TF mounts, a hex wrench is required. A ball end wrench set (SKB-JBX6) is available.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W6077

45° Incidence Central Transmission Beam Diameter φ27.39mm
45° Incidence Reflected Beam Diameter φ31mm
Type Gimbal Type
Knobs With Knobs
Weight 0.48kg
Primary material Aluminum
Compatible Optics Diameter φ50mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 5 - 8mm
Fine-Adjustment Range /Tilt ±1.5°
Fine-Adjustment Range /Rotation ±1.5°
Fine Adjustment Resolution /Tilt 0.23°/rotation
Fine Adjustment Resolution /Rotation 0.27°/rotation
Finish Black Anodized