Brewster Window / Custom-made_ BrewsterWindow

This window plate transmits 100% linearly polarized laser beam with a nonreflective effect of the P-polarized light at Brewster angle. Brewster window can be used as a window in many laser instruments.

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Custom-made_ BrewsterWindow
◦When window is aligned at brewster angle the incident beam a circular effective diameter can be obtained.
◦Since both sides are not coated, it can be used with a high-energy pulse laser.
◦Please specify the materials (synthetic fused silica or BK7), transmitted beam diameter, thickness, and the wavelength to be used (or Brewster angle).
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Catalog Code W3155
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Attention ▶If the incident polarization state is other than P-polarized light, the transmission losses occur due to reflection at the front and back surfaces.
▶If contamination exist on the entrance surface or the exit surface, the surface reflection may occur even for the incident P polarized light.
▶If the incident angle deviates slightly from the Brewster angle, surface reflection occurs.