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Etalon is made of two parallel high reflecting mirrors and used as a narrow band filter. Widely used in astronomical observation and interferometer measurement.

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◦The etalons are customized according to your application; we are proposing 4 basic choices. Please see the illustrations.
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Catalog Code W3122
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Guide ▶Use the Question Sheet for Special Orders, and contact our Sales Division for more information.  (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W6004)
Attention ▶If the angle of incident is not correctly set the transmittance wavelength may be displaced or the light does not transmit as planned.
▶Question about the characteristic of the finesse or the transmission of the Etalon, please contact our International Sales Division.
▶The lead time of some model are expected to be long for further information, please contact our International Sales Division.
Surface flatness <λ/20 (λ=632.8nm)
Incident angle