Flexure Mirror Mounts / FM-50.8

This stainless steel mirror mount has a compact and simple structure with three plates connected by a plate spring, and is optimized for use in equipment integration.
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  • FM is a block type and can be installed in two directions on the front and back surfaces, while FM-L is a bracket type and the mirror mounting surface can be placed erpendicular to the installation surface.
  • The FM allows the mirror to be mounted on either the surface plate or the back plate, and the user can choose to operate the mirror adjustment from the reflective side of the mirror or from the same direction as the mounting surface.
  • Two M3 screws are used to fix FM and FM-L.
  • The mirror is held at three points on the side including the element holding screw with a resin tip to which pressurization is applied. There is also a 1.5 mm dia. hole for adhesive fixation.
  • Dia. 2mm positioning pin holes are provided on the front and back of the FM and on the bottom of the FM-L bracket.
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Catalog Code W4160
RoHS Yes
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  • Plates for attaching mirror mounts can be custom made.Please contact our sales department.
  • The FM is mounted with M3 holes (2 places) on the operation side and M3 holes (2 places) and through holes ( Dia. 3.3 mm) for M3 screws (2 screws) on the opposite side can be used. When using a through-hole, prepare a small-head M3 screw with a screw head diameter of Dia. 4.5 mm or less.
  • M4 rods (ROC) or additional rods (RO-12.7-□□□□UUU) can be attached to the bracket of FM-L.
  • Because the plate spring is welded to the plate, there are multiple weld marks on the side of the plate.
  • When attaching the FM-L bracket to a base plate, etc., a short L-shaped wrench is required. If you only have a regular wrench, remove the mirror mount from the bracket, fix the bracket to the base plate, and then place the mirror mount back on the bracket. If the mirror mount is installed with the bracket inverted, the bracket mounting part is opposite the mirror mount, so it can be fixed with an ordinary wrench.
  • Screws are not included for both FM and FM-L. Please prepare M3 screws for mounting.
  • Both FM and FM-L can be used with perpendicular incident transmitted beams, however, they cannot be used with transmitted beams with an incidence angle of 45°.
Weight 0.375 kg
Primary material Stainless
Number of Adjustment Axes 2 axes
Adjustment Range /Tilt ±1.5 °
Adjustment Range /Rotation ±1.5 °
Compatible Optics Diameter φ50.8 mm
Compatible Optics Thickness > 2 mm
Finish None
Resolution /Tilt about 0.24 °/rotation
Resolution /Rotation about 0.24 °/rotation
Clear aperture φ49 mm