High Power fθ Lens / fθ-100-343THP

An fθ lens for high power lasers. It is optimized for applications such as laser marking and laser microfabrication. The fθ lens is used to scan the laser beam using a Galvano mirror or polygon mirror.

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◦The lens is made of synthetic fused silica with excellent laser induced damage threshold anti-reflection coating for high power lasers.
◦The lens is designed to prevent internal focusing due to the reflected light by the lens surface. The internal damage of the lens by using high power laser is prevented by the design.
◦Also available for fundamental Yb laser (1030nm), harmonic lasers (257nm, 343nm, 515nm).
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Catalog Code W3614
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Guide ▶Transmittance value is a representative value only and is not guaranteed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Sales Division.
▶We accept orders to suit customized requirements.
▶ We also fabricate laser scanning systems which combine the galvanometer mirror and fθ lens as a unit.
Attention ▶We do not recommend using fθ lens in an imaging system because it is designed for a scanning type optical system.
▶Please position the incident pupil of the fθ lens beam into the scanning system (galvanometer mirror). If the incident pupil is not in position of the beam scanning system, the optimum focusing spot cannot be achieved because of increased aberration.
▶There is a focal point for the return light between the incident end of the fθ lens and the second mirror (M2). If an optics is placed between there, the optics might be damaged by the laser. Please contact our sales in advance for consultation.
Input aperture (MAX) φ8mm
Laser Damage Threshold 2J/cm2
Working distance (WD) 146.2mm
Focal length f 100.9mm
Design wavelength 343nm
Scanning angle ±15°
Scanning Range 35x35mm
Transmittance [Incident angle 1°] 90%