fθ Lens / fθ-100-355T

F-Theta Lenses are used for laser marking, bar code reader, laser micromachining and other laser applications.

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◦F-Theta lenses convert a rotational movement of a galvanometer mirror into a linear motion on the focal plane by using distortion effects.
◦Telecentric type is also available that can be irradiated vertically to the focusing plane.
◦Also available for fundamental YAG laser (1064nm), harmonic lasers (266nm, 355nm, 532nm).
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Catalog Code W3084
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶Transmittance value is a representative value only and is not guaranteed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Sales Division.
▶We accept orders to suit customized requirements.
▶ We also fabricate laser scanning systems which combine the galvanometer mirror and fθ lens as a unit.
Attention ▶We do not recommend using fθ lens in an imaging system because it is designed for a scanning type optical system.
▶Please position the incident pupil of the fθ lens beam into the scanning system (galvanometer mirror). If the incident pupil is not in position of the beam scanning system, the optimum focusing spot cannot be achieved because of increased aberration.
A 60mm
B 56.3mm
C 42mm
D 6mm
E 6mm
F 6mm
I M80P1
K 74.3mm
Working distance (WD) 136.1mm
φG φ97mm
φH φ82mm(g6)
φJ φ69mm
Focal length f 99.85mm
Design wavelength 355nm
Scanning angle ±15°
Scanning Range φ52mm
Transmittance [Incident angle 0°] 93%
Entrance pupil diameter φ12mm