Fiber Laser Focusing Lens (355nm) / HFTLSQ-30-40PF3

High performance multi-element focusing lens. They are suitable for focusing and collimating solid state lasers like Yb fiber laser, YAG laser and YVO4 laser.

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◦Engineered and designed to reduce the effects of thermal expansion.
◦Corrected for spherical aberration and coma at design wavelengths. Diffraction limited for F number ≧2 (NA≦0.25)
◦AR coating optimized for design wavelengths with transmission at 633 nm for pointing lasers
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Catalog Code W3080
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶Dedicated Fixed Framed Lens Holder (LHF-M29-25, LHF-M34-30) are available for fixing various Focusing Lenses.
▶HFTLSQ-15-20PF comes with a dedicated adapter for mounting on Fixed Framed Lens Holder (LHF-M29-25).
▶HFTLSQ-20-30PF comes with a dedicated adapter for mounting on Fixed Framed Lens Holder (LHF-M34-30).
▶Custom-made Focusing Lenses for high-energy pulsed lasers and for specified wavelengths are also available.
▶Production in lots exceeding 100 pieces to customer specifications is also available.
▶To protect the lens from laser-processed splashes, optional Protective Glass (PG-33) can be attached.
Attention ▶Focusing Lenses can be used to bring an object at infinity into focus, or to convert a point light source into a collimated light. When used for imaging at close distance, sufficient optical performance will not be provided.
▶Focusing Lenses have a designated incident side. Be sure to input a collimated light from the upper side of the engraved lettering on the lens barrel. When reversed, chromatic and spherical aberrations increase, leading to a larger focus spot and blurred images.
▶Chromatic aberration and transmittance will deteriorate if used outside the specified wavelength range.
▶When used with a high-power laser or near a light source that produces heat, the focal length has possibility to change due to the high temperature of the lens. Heat dissipation measures are required for prolonged irradiation.
▶If the incident beam diameter is too small, the spot size will not be well focused.
▶Chromatic aberration is not corrected in this focusing lens, which is not an achromatic lens.
Numerical aperture (NA) 0.34
Working distance (WD) 22.16 mm
Coating Broadband Multilayer Antireflection Coating
Diameter φDc φ36 mm
Lens mounting thread Ma M34 P=0.75
Protective window thread Mb M28 P=0.75
Focal length f 40.1 mm
Design wavelength 355nm
Length L 32 mm
Transmittance >98.5 % (355nm)
>96 % (340 - 380nm)
>50 % (600 - 700nm)
Acceptance angle ±1 °
Clear aperture φDe φ27 mm
Laser Damage Threshold 4J/cm2 (Laser pulse width 10ns, repetition frequency 20Hz)
Housing Material Aluminum (Finishing: Black anodized)