Pinhole / PA_PA-HAL

Mounted metal foil with a pinhole or slit 400μm or less. Used in spatial filters, laser diffraction experiments and microscopic magnification correction.

A precision etching process creates holes with high circularity and slits with high parallelism.
For YAG lasers (1064nm) and CO2 lasers (10.6μm), pinholes made of high copper coated with gold should be used. Pinholes and slits are pre-mounted in aluminum frames for ease of handling and mounting.

Common Specifications

Part Number PA PA-HAL FSL
Hole Geometry Perfect circle Perfect circle Slit
Pinhole Material Nickel Copper Nickel
Foil Thickness 20±5μm 20±5μm 20±5μm
Pinhole Finish None Gold coat (both faces) None
Damage Threshold (Reference) - 50MW/cm2(@700nm) -
Wavelength Used Any

700nm - 10.6μm

Frame Material Aluminum
Frame Finish Black Anodized



Perfect circle
Part Number Pinhole Diameter Weight Outline Drawing
PA-1 φ1+1/-0μm 0.001kg
PA-2 φ2±1μm 0.001kg
PA-5 φ5±2μm 0.001kg
PA-10 φ10±2μm 0.001kg
PA-15 φ15±2μm 0.001kg
PA-20 φ20±2μm 0.001kg
PA-25 φ25±3μm 0.001kg
PA-30 φ30±3μm 0.001kg
PA-40 φ40±3μm 0.001kg
PA-50 φ50±4μm 0.001kg
PA-100 φ100±5μm 0.001kg
PA-200 φ200±6μm 0.001kg
PA-400 φ400±8μm 0.001kg


Perfect Circle for High Energy Laser Slit
Part Number Pinhole Diameter Weight Part Number Slit Width Length Weight
PA-5HEL φ5±2μm 0.001kg FSL-5 5±2μm 3mm 0.001kg
PA-10HEL φ10±2μm 0.001kg FSL-10 10±2μm 3mm 0.001kg
PA-15HEL φ15±2μm 0.001kg FSL-25 25±3μm 3mm 0.001kg
PA-25HEL φ25±3μm 0.001kg FSL-50 50±4μm 3mm 0.001kg
PA-50HEL φ50±4μm 0.001kg FSL-100 100±5μm 3mm 0.001kg
PA-100HEL φ100±4μm 0.001kg FSL-150 150±5μm 3mm 0.001kg
PA-200HEL φ200±6μm 0.001kg FSL-200 200±6μm 3mm 0.001kg
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