3-axis Holder

Fiber holders equipped with an adjustment mechanism for three axes including vertical, horizontal and focus direction. These holders can handle fibers with various connectors by replacing adapters.

The large slit on the adapter cylinder enables connection of various fiber connectors inside the adapter cylinder.
It is capable of rotating the polarizing axis of a polarization-preserving fiber for 360 degrees. (See Attention)
The focus adjustment lever of the 3-axis holder can move the tip of a fiber in the optical axis direction.
Each adjustment mechanism of the 3-axis holder has a clamp mechanism to fix adjustment positions.
Adapters compatible with the FC, SMA, and ST connectors of various fibers are available.


3-axis Holder (FOM)

Primary Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized



Part Number Centering Adjustment Range Centering Adjustment Resolution Focus Adjustment Range Weight
Mounting Hole: M6 Mounting Hole: 8-32UNC
FOM-3 FOM-3-UU □2mm 0.25mm/rotation ±1.5mm 0.14kg


FOM-ADP (Adapter)

Part Number Compatible Fiber Connecter Weight
FOM-ADP-FC FC 0.05kg
FOM-ADP-ST ST 0.044kg

*FOP-ADP: Primary material: Brass, Finish: None

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