Fiber Optics Holders / OFH_OFH-DM

Holders used for securing and adjusting optical fibers with ferrules (fibers before connectors are attached). When used in combination with the adapter for fiber optics holders (OFH-ADP), these holders can hold φ0.3mm to φ4mm ferrules.

Focus adjustment knob enables collimation adjustment in combination with the lens.
The OFH-1 two-axis holder allows positioning of optical fibers.
The OFH-2 four-axis holder adds tip and tilt capability.
Both OFH-1 and OFH-2 are available with high precision differential adjusters for more demanding applications.
Custom sleeves (OFH-ADP) are available to hold ferrules from 0.3mm to 4.0mm diameters. Two setscrews in the body of the holder clamp the sleeve tight and hold the fiber and sleeve in place.


Common Specifications

Primary Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized



Part Number Centering Adjustment
Adjustment Range Focus Adjustment
Centering Adjustment
Centering Fine
Adjustment Resolution
Adjustment Resolution Weight
Tilt Rotation Tilt Rotation
OFH-1 ±1.25mm - - ±1.25mm 0.5mm/rotation - - - 0.12kg
OFH-2 ±1.25mm ±2° ±2° ±1.25mm 0.5mm/rotation - about 0.7°/rotation about 0.7°/rotation 0.15kg
OFH-1DM ±1.25mm - - ±1.25mm 0.5mm/rotation 0.05mm/rotation - - 0.14kg
OFH-2DM ±1.25mm ±2° ±2° ±1.25mm 0.5mm/rotation 0.05mm/rotation about 0.7°/rotation about 0.7°/rotation 0.17kg
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