Kinematic Laser Holders / LAH-4

This is a high-rigidity holder designed exclusively for He-Ne lasers (OSK). It allows easy adjustment of the emission beam angle, making it suitable for aligning the invisible laser guide light and other applications.

With a high-rigidity kinematic tilt adjustment mechanism, it can stably accommodate large He-Ne lasers for precise adjustments.
Compatible with a variety of laser diameters: 31.8 mm, 35 mm, and 45mm.
There is a lock mechanism that maintains the angle after the laser angle is adjusted, preventing angle misalignment after adjustment.
Can be mounted on a post or baseplate. Posts (RO) and Post Holders (PST).

Common Specifications

Primary Material Aluminum Example of use
Finish Black Anodized


How to Mount He-Ne Lasers

Remove the laser adapter from the kinematic (tilt adjustment) holder first by removing the four pan head screws. If the cable of a He-Ne laser cannot be pulled out, put the He-Ne laser through the hole of the kinematic holder first.
(1) Insert the He-Ne laser in the laser adapter half way, and fix with four set screws.
(2) Mount the adapter in which the laser is mounted in the kinematic holder with four pan head screws.
When using the He-Ne laser (OSK series), align the protrusion on the He-Ne laser shutter with the groove in the laser adapter before insertion.



Part number Compatible Laser
Diameter φA
Optical Axis Height Adjustment Range Resolution Weight
Tilt Rotation Tilt Rotation
LAH-4TS-32 φ31.8mm 48mm* ±2° ±2° 0.2°/rotation 0.2°/rotation 0.63kg
LAH-4TS-35 φ35.1mm 48mm* ±2° ±2° 0.2°/rotation 0.2°/rotation 0.63kg
LAH-4TS-45 φ45mm 48mm* ±2° ±2° 0.2°/rotation 0.2°/rotation 0.63kg

* By assembling the 7mm thick base plate (MHL-50BP), the optical axis height will be the same as the LAH-3T series, which is 55mm

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