Objective Lens Holders / LHO

Used to objective lenses in optical experiments.

Female threads fit a wide range of OptoSigma threads. See the compatibility table for appropriate combinations.
There are two styles of objective holder mounts. Both have M20.32 threads. Ane is the standard type (LHO-20.32) that allows placement of targets in close proximity to lenses, and the other is the hooded type (LHO-20.32A) that blocks stray light.
The images from the objectives will be stable due to the rigidity of the mount.


Common Specifications

Primary Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized



Part Number Compatible Optics
Type With a Post
Mounting Hole: M6
(Without a Post)
Mounting Hole: M4
(Without a Post)
Mounting Hole: 8-32UNC
(Without a Post)
Standard LHO-20.32 LHO-20.32-N LHO-20.32-EE LHO-20.32-UU M20.32 P0.706 0.08kg
(Without a Post:0.03kg)
Hooded LHO-20.32A LHO-20.32A-N - LHO-20.32A-UU M20.32 P0.706 0.13kg
(Without a Post:0.08kg)
Standard LHO-26 LHO-26-N - LHO-26-UU M26 P0.706 0.09kg
(Without a Post:0.04kg)


Adapter for fixing objective/LHO-50ADP

Adapter for fixing objective lenses on 5-axis lens holder (ALHN-5RO) or φ50mm lens holders.
In combination with the LHO-20.32-N or LHO-20.32A-N, objective lenses the thread type of which is M20.32 can be fixed.
Adapter for objective lens itself cannot mount the objective lens. Please also purchase LHO-20.32-N or LHO-20.32A-N.


Part Number Primary Material Finish Weight
LHO-50ADP Aluminum Black Anodized 0.03kg
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