Retaining Rings / Delrin Washers / RR_DR

Accessories for mirror holders and lens holders.

Retaining rings and delrin washers are sold seperately in sets of five.
The retaining ring spanner wrench (NRS) is used to tighten the retaining rings.



Part Number RR (Retaining Rings) DR (Delrin Washers)
Primary Material Aluminum POM
Finish Black Anodized None



Retaining Rings (RR)   Delrin Washers (DR)
Part Number Quantity Outer Diameter
Inner Diameter
Thickness C Screw Pitch   Part Number Quantity Outer Diameter
Inner Diameter
Thickness F
RR-10-5 5 Pieces φ10.85mm φ7mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-10-5 5 Pieces φ10mm φ7mm 1mm
RR-12.7-5 5 Pieces φ13.55mm φ9.7mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-12.7-5 5 Pieces φ12.7mm φ9.7mm 1mm
RR-15-5 5 Pieces φ15.85mm φ12mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-15-5 5 Pieces φ15mm φ12mm 1mm
RR-20-5 5 Pieces φ20.85mm φ17mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-20-5 5 Pieces φ20mm φ17mm 1mm
RR-25-5 5 Pieces φ25.85mm φ22mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-25-5 5 Pieces φ25mm φ22mm 1mm
RR-25.4-5 5 Pieces φ26.25mm φ22mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-25.4-5 5 Pieces φ25.4mm φ22mm 1mm
RR-30-5 5 Pieces φ30.85mm φ27mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-30-5 5 Pieces φ30mm φ27mm 1mm
RR-38.1-5 5 Pieces φ38.95mm φ35mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-38.1-5 5 Pieces φ38.1mm φ35mm 1mm
RR-40-5 5 Pieces φ40.85mm φ37mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-40-5 5 Pieces φ40mm φ37mm 1mm
RR-50-5 5 Pieces φ50.85mm φ46mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-50-5 5 Pieces φ50mm φ46mm 1mm
RR-50.8-5 5 Pieces φ51.65mm φ47mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-50.8-5 5 Pieces φ50.8mm φ47mm 1mm
RR-52-5 5 Pieces φ52.85mm φ48mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-52-5 5 Pieces φ52mm φ48mm 1mm
RR-60-5 5 Pieces φ60.85mm φ56mm 3mm 0.75mm DR-60-5 5 Pieces φ60mm φ56mm 1mm
RR-80-5 5 Pieces φ81.1mm φ75mm 3.5mm 1mm DR-80-5 5 Pieces φ80mm φ75mm 1.5mm
RR-100-5 5 Pieces φ101.1mm φ95mm 4mm 1mm DR-100-5 5 Pieces φ100mm φ95mm 1.5mm
RR-130-5 5 Pieces φ131.1mm φ124mm 4mm 1mm DR-130-5 5 Pieces φ130mm φ124mm 2mm
RR-150-5 5 Pieces φ151.1mm φ144mm 4mm 1mm DR-150-5 5 Pieces φ150mm φ144mm 2mm
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