Adaptor Mount / MAD

It is a size conversion mount to be used when there is no proper type of optics diameter to be applied to a mirror holder.

It can be used at the mirror holders of MHAN, MHA, LMHA, MHB, and LMHB.
The diameters of φ10, φ15, φ20 and φ25.4mm are converted to φ30mm.
The diameters of φ25、φ30、φ40mm are converted to φ50mm.
For the types to be converted to φ30mm, screw has been carved in the adapter so that it can tighten the screw in the holder.
For the types to be converted to φ50mm, it can be tightened by retaining ring.


Common Specifications

Primary Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized



Part Number Clear Aperture Optics Diameter Weight
MAD-25-5 φ3.8mm φ5mm 0.014kg
MAD-25-8 φ6.9mm φ8mm 0.013kg
MAD-25-10 φ7mm φ10mm 0.012kg
MAD-25-12.7 φ10mm φ12.7mm 0.01kg
MAD-25-15 φ12mm φ15mm 0.01kg
MAD-25.4-5 φ3.8mm φ5mm 0.013kg
MAD-25.4-8 φ6.9mm φ8mm 0.013kg
MAD-25.4-10 φ7mm φ10mm 0.012kg
MAD-25.4-12.7 φ10mm φ12.7mm 0.012kg
MAD-25.4-15 φ12mm φ15mm 0.01kg
MAD-25.4-19.05 φ17mm φ19.05mm 0.007kg
MAD-25.4-20 φ17mm φ20mm 0.005kg
MAD-30-5 φ3.8mm φ5mm 0.02kg
MAD-30-8 φ6.9mm φ8mm 0.02kg
MAD-30-10 φ8mm φ10mm 0.02kg
MAD-30-12.7 φ10mm φ12.7mm 0.018kg
MAD-30-15 φ13mm φ15mm 0.020kg
MAD-30-19.05 φ17mm φ19.05mm 0.013kg
MAD-30-20 φ17mm φ20mm 0.01kg
MAD-30-25 φ22mm φ25mm 0.007kg
MAD-30-25.4 φ22mm φ25.4mm 0.01kg
MAD-50-25 φ22mm φ25mm 0.05kg
MAD-50-30 φ27mm φ30mm 0.04kg
MAD-50-40 φ37mm φ40mm 0.02kg
MAD-50.8-25.4 φ22mm φ25.4mm 0.0063kg
MAD-50.8-38.1 φ35mm φ38.1mm 0.0036kg
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