One-touch Kinematic Mirror Holder / MHF

Mirror mounts with quick attachment feature and eliminated need for tools. Useful when optics are changed on a frequent basis.

Mirror mount with rod (MHF-20/25.4/30) has a point of reflection at proximity of rod axis. Installation of mirror mount is straightforward because a point of reflection is unchanged in regard to orientation. Adjustment knobs and clamp are design extended vertically or front/rear side of the mount to reduce wideness.
By expanding the mirror fixation and adjustment mechanisms vertically and horizontally, the width direction of the holder has been reduced.
If the outer diameter of the mirror is smaller than the standard size, it may not be securely fixed. Please make sure that the mirror does not loosen after fixation before use.
The MHF-20F/25.4F/30F models do not have through holes for M4 screws on the base plate. The M4 screw hole on the holder is not a through-hole.


Common Specifications

Primary Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized


The method of detaching and attaching the mirror The method of switching the element size



Part Number Compatible Optics Diameter Compatible Optics Thickness Adjustment Range Resolution Weight
With a Post (φ12) Without a Post Tilt Rotation Tilt Rotation
MHF-20 MHF-20F φ20mm 3 - 5mm ±3° ±3° about 0.72°/rotation about 0.72°/rotation 0.11kg (Without a Post: 0.06kg)
MHF-25.4 MHF-25.4F φ25、φ25.4mm 3 - 5mm ±3° ±3° about 0.57°/rotation about 0.57°/rotation 0.12kg (Without a Post: 0.07kg)
MHF-30 MHF-30F φ30mm 3 - 5mm ±3° ±3° about 0.48°/rotation about 0.48°/rotation 0.15kg (Without a Post: 0.1kg)
MHF-50.8 MHF-50.8F φ50、φ50.8mm 5 - 8mm ±3° ±3° about 0.3°/rotation about 0.3°/rotation 0.3kg (Without a Post: 0.25kg)
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