High-stability Mirror Mount with Piezo Drive Motor / MHX-PDM

The Piezo Drive Motors are mounted on a High-stability Mirror Mount, which characteristics of maximize stiffness and faster to reach thermal equilibrium are achieved by a hollow-frame design.
Operated by a Piezo Drive Motor, it can be remotely controlled and adjusted with high resolution. It eliminates the need to reach into the optical path, prevents unintentional interruption of the optical path, and ensures stability and safety of the optical system.
Ideal for applications such as interferometry and precise measurement.

Adhesive holes for mirror adhesion and pin holes for anti-rotation and positioning are equipped.
High-density stainless steel is used for the material, but the weight has been reduced by reducing the thickness.
The frame design provides a higher moment of inertia to maximize stiffness and reduced-mass sections allowing it to reach thermal equilibrium faster for maximum stability.
The Piezo Drive Motor mounted on this product is a dedicated Piezo Drive Motor to enable high-resolution adjustment.
For operation, use the dedicated Piezo Drive Controller (PDM-ID-02). (One controller is required for each product. This product comes with two connection cables (2m) dedicated to the Piezo Drive Controller.)


MHX (Main Body)

Primary Material Stainless steel
Finish None



Part Number Compatible Optics Diameter Compatible Optics Thickness Clear ApertureOptical Axis Height Number of Adjustment Axes Mounting Direction Adjustment Range Resolution Weight
Tilt Rotation Tilt Rotation
MHX-12.7A-PDM φ12.7mm 2 - 6mm φ10.8mm 12.7mm 2 Front ±3° ±3° <0.35″ <0.35″ 0.05kg
MHX-25.4A-PDM φ25.4mm 3 - 7mm φ19.9mm 25.4mm 2 Front ±3° ±3° <0.15″ <0.15″ 0.24kg
MHX-50.8A-PDM φ50.8mm 5 - 13mm φ39.1mm 35mm 2 Front ±3° ±3° <0.8″ <0.8″ 0.4kg
MHX-101.6A-PDM φ101.6mm 10 - 20mm φ96mm 63.5mm 2 Front ±2° ±2° <0.035″ <0.035″ 01.2kg


Piezo Drive Controller / PDM-ID-02

To operate MHX-**A-PDM, please use the dedicated controller for piezo drives (PDM-ID-02).

One controller is required for each product.
The power supply specification of the PDM-ID-02 is DC+24V2A. The power supply should be prepared by the customer or purchase AC-ADP-2427.


Part Number PDM-ID-02
Number of Adjustable Axes 2
Interface RS232C, USB (virtual COM) recognized as virtual serial port from external PC
Maximum Travel Speed 1500pps
Manual Operation Jog stick
Power Voltage DC24V 2.0A
Operating Temperature 5 - 40℃
Storage Temperature -20 - 60℃
Ambient Humidity 20 - 80%RH (without condensation)
External Dimensions(Except projection) 50x152.5x100mm
Weight 0.6kg


Introduction video of the structure and features of MHX

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