Precision Polarizer Holders (Variable Scale Type) / SPH-ARS

Used to adjust the direction of polarization of waveplates and polarizer optics.
The mount has 360 degrees of smooth rotation.

The SPH series uses a microemter for fine adjustment.
The scale plate on the SPH series can be positioned to provide a convenient reference to the polarizer or crystal axis.
The SPH can be post mounted with the micrometer at the top or at the side for convenient operation in a variety of environments.
The SPH includes a locking mechanism to prevent accidental adjustments.

Common Specifications

Primary Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized



Part Number Compatible Optics Diameter
Compatible Optics Thickness Clear Aperture Fine Adjustment Range Vernier MIN Reading Micro Indicator Conversion Weight
With a Post
Mounting Hole: M6
(Without a Post)
Mounting Hole: 8-32UNC
(Without a Post)
SPH-30-ARS SPH-30-ARS-N SPH-30-ARS-UU φ30mm 2 - 10mm φ27mm ±5° 5′ about 0.014°/DIV 0.32kg(Without a Post: 0.27kg)
SPH-50-ARS SPH-50-ARS-N SPH-50-ARS-UU φ50mm 2 - 10mm φ46mm ±3° 5′ about 0.012°/DIV 0.46kg(Without a Post: 0.41kg)


Variable Scale Plate

The angle scale position of PH-ARS, SPH-ARS, GTPC-PH and GTPC-SPH can be freely adjusted.
The scale is easily adjusted to the polarizing axis or the crystal axis of a waveplate by changing the position of this scale plate.
This scale plate enables customers to change the scale position during an experiment, or to adjust the scale to the polarizing axis or the crystal axis precisely.
(The default direction is aligned to the vertical axis, within ±1 degree.)
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