High Power Laser Shutter Unit

These electromagnetic shutters switch an optical path using a laser mirror for high power, and are compatible with high power pulse lasers. Selection of a wavelength that is a multiple of YAG laser frequency is possible.

Typical application is as external shutters used in experiments where stable laser oscillation is required.
When the power supply is cut off or the wiring is disconnected, laser light is shut off for safety.
While the shutter is closed, laser light is safely terminated by beam dumps.
Please order the dedicated shutter controller (SSH-C2B) along with this product.The dedicate cable (SSH-CA2-LOAA) is not included. Please order the cable along with the controller.


Common Specifications

Primary Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized



Part Number Wavelength Range Aperture Diameter Laser Power Limit Laser Damage Threshold
Shutter Speed Weight
SHPS-266 266nm φ8mm <20W 5J/cm2 about 200ms about 0.8kg
SHPS-355 355nm φ8mm <20W 8J/cm2 about 200ms about 0.8kg
SHPS-532 532nm φ8mm <20W 26.5J/cm2 about 200ms about 0.8kg
SHPS-1064 1064nm φ8mm <20W 28J/cm2 about 200ms about 0.8kg


Shutters and Automatic Diaphragm System Diagram
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