Jog Operation Box / JB-401

Remote controls for SHOT-302GS/304GS, SHOT-702H,SHOT-702, PGC-04-U, and HSC-103.
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◦Enables manual operation of attached motorized stages using a keypad.
◦Can be used to edit setup parameters and internal programs when connected to SHOT-302GS or SHOT-304GS.
More Information
Catalog Code W9050, W9045, W9094, W9047, W9084
RoHS Yes
CE Yes
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CAD data
Guide ▶Please click here to download a controller manual.
Type Button operation
External Dimensions W178×H38×D195mm
Weight 0.7kg
Compatible Cable MDR14-CA-2.5 (purchase separately)
Display LCD (16 digits × 4 lines)
CLEAR Button Resets the fixed pulse setting to zero
JOG/Pulse Button Switches between JOG operation and fixed pulse operation
MODE Button Switches modes.
ORG X/Y Button Returns axis-1 (X) / axis-2 (Y), or axis-3 (Z) / axis-4 (U) to mechanical origin
Reset X/Y Button Returns axis-1 (X) / axis-2 (Y), or axis-3 (Z) / axis-4 (U) to theoretical (electric) origin
SET Button Completes setting of fixed pu
SPEED Button A button to select one of the four motion speeds set by the controller
STOP Button Emergency stop
X axis / Y axis Control Button When set to JOG operation: Move while the button is being pressed
When set to fixed pulse operation: Move for the registered number of pulses at each press of the button
Numeric Keypad (0 − 9) Inputs the number of fixed pulse
Program Button Execution of internal program (exclude SHOT-702 and SHOT-702H)