Holder for Laser Beam Expanders / KLH-BE-M34H

Four axis adjustable mount for Laser Beam Expanders BE and LBED and LBE. Tip, Tilt and centering can be adjusted.
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◦Stable design for large size laser beam expanders .
◦KLH-BE is equipped with lock mechanism for angle and centering. These locking mechanism enable to keep the orientation after adjustment.
◦Mountable on posts or posts holders.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W6052, WEB Reference Catalog Code/W6039
◦KLH-BE-M22H has threaded holes (for imperial screws) for fixing the Laser Beam Expanders (LBE).
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Catalog Code W4147
RoHS Yes
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CAD data
Guide ▶If the centering mechanism clamp is not sufficiently loosened, the range of movement of the centering mechanism will be narrow.
▶Changing focus after the adjustment of tilt, rotation and centering may cause the deviation of output beam angle and centering.
Attention ▶Baseplate for mounting on the optical table or bread board is available (MHL-BP).
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4146

Centering adjustment range φ2mm
Angle Adjustment Range /Tilt ±2°
Angle Adjustment Range /Rotation ±2°
Angle Adjustment Resolution /Tilt 0.2°/rotation
Angle Adjustment Resolution /Rotation 0.2°/rotation
Weight 0.68kg
Centering Adjustment Resolution 0.25mm/rotation
Compatible Mounting Screw Size M M34 P1