Adapter for Laser Beam Expander / LBE-ADP

Adapters for mounting laser beam expanders to lens holders.
Compatible with all beam expanders of BE/LBED/LBE.
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◦Mount laser beam expanders to a variety of lens and mirror holders that mount φ50 optics.
◦Can be used as a fixed type beam expander holders by mounting the adapters directly on posts.
◦Can be mounted on mirror holders (MHG-MP50-NL) or two-axis pinhole/objective holders (TAT-16RO) using 4-M3 screws.
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Catalog Code W4035
RoHS Yes
CAD data
Guide ▶For details of the specifications of centering mechanism, refer to five-axis lens holders (ALHN-50-5RO). (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4016)
▶Adapters for fixing He-Ne laser light sources are provided as accessories of beam expanders (BE, LBED).
▶For details, refer to laser beam expanders. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W3091)
Attention ▶To mount a beam expander on a five-axis lens holder (ALHN-5RO), make sure to fix the beam expander on the other side of the retaining ring. It cannot be mounted in the opposite direction.
▶When fixing a beam expander on a adjustable holder other than a five-axis lens holder, the adjustable mechanism of the holder may not work correctly depending on the combination. Contact our International Sales Division for more information in advance.

Weight 0.04kg
Primary material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized