Gimballed Mirror Holder / MHAN-50S

Mirrors can rotate 360 degrees in the pitch direction. Ideal for applications where the incident light has multiple angles of incidence.
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◦The angle of the mirror can be fine tuned with the coarse/fine switching clamp.
◦The mount is designed to have the reflective surface at the center of rotation of the mount. Mirror thickness does not affect this.
◦0.25 mm fine pitch screw adjusters or differential micrometers can be used to save space and provide finer adjustment for MHAN mounts φ50.8 mm and under
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Catalog Code W4010
RoHS Yes
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CAD data
Guide ▶The RO-20-60 post (diameter φ20mm, length 60mm) is included but it can be replaced with other sizes. Special tools are required to remove the post. Different sized post can be specified at the time of purchase.
▶Kinematic mirror holders, MHG-NL, should be used for low optical axes applications.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4001
Attention ▶Beam splitters mounted at 45 degrees will have the beam blocked by the aluminum frame.The BHAN gimbal beamsplitter holders are recommended and have a larger transmitted clear aperture.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4011
▶Use the coarse/fine switching clamp to lock down the mount after the desired adjustment.
▶The post should be well secured before adjusting the mount.
Weight 0.7kg
Primary material Aluminum
Ultra Fine Adjuster Indicator Conversion /tilt
Ultra Fine Adjuster Indicator Conversion /Rotation
Ultra Fine Adjustment Resolution /Tilt
Ultra Fine Adjustment Resolution /Rotation
Compatible Optics Diameter φ50mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 3 - 11mm
Reflected Beam Clear Aperture (45° incidence) φ30.4mm
Fine-Adjustment Range /Tilt ±4°
Fine-Adjustment Range /Rotation ±4°
Fine Adjustment Resolution /Tilt about 0.35°/rotation
Fine Adjustment Resolution /Rotation about 0.48°/rotation
Finish Black Anodized