NOMI LOCK™ Model Kinematic Mirror Holder / MHG-MP25-NL

NOMI LOCKTM is the new locking mechanism from OptoSigma. It can adjust the torque of the adjustment screws and lock down the screws with negligible shift. It is best suited for use in interferometers or laser processing devices where beam displacement can cause issues. NOMI LOCKTM is a registered trademark of SIGMA KOKI CO., Ltd.
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◦Kinematic mirror holders have excellent rigidity and stability. These qualities make them perfect for use in interferometers and laser resonators.
◦There are two types of mirror holders, a high stability model (MHG-HS) and a production model (MHG-MP).
◦The MHG-HS high stability model is fitted with large adjustment knobs. These knobs allow for movement in the vertical direction as well making it a 3 axis mount.
◦NOMI LOCKTM will have a single fringe displaced in the optical axis when used in interferometers. (There are individual differences in the operation of the lock.)
◦Three point fixation of the mirrors reduce the stress caused by mounting greatly.
◦These holders have a large aperture for reflective or transmitted light. The retaining rings to not reduce the clear aperture.
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Catalog Code W4001
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶This product can be mounted on pedestal stands (PST: optional) or posts with an M6 external thread (RO: optional).
▶Production model (MHG-MP) can be fixed directly on plates or stages with M4 screws.
▶Production model (MHG-MP) comes with a special wrench for NOMI LOCKTM.
Attention ▶The rotation center of the production model (MHG-MP) is outside the mirror (fulcrum of holder).
▶To mount the high stability model (MHG-HS) on a flat surface, use the plates for mounting posts (MHG-**BPRO).
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4002
▶When the plates for mounting posts (MHG-**BPRO) are used, the optical axis will move 10mm upward.
▶The back surface of the mirror is the reference surface when the mirror is mounted in the holder. Due to this condition, the location of the front surface will vary with the thickness of the mirror.

Primary material Aluminum
Adjustment Range /Tilt ±3°
Adjustment Range /Rotation ±3°
Weight 0.12kg
Primary material Aluminum
Number of Adjustment Axes 2 points
Compatible Optics Diameter φ25mm、φ25.4mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 3 - 5mm
Finish Black Anodized
Resolution /Tilt about 0.39°/rotation
Resolution /Rotation about 0.39°/rotation