High-stability Mirror Mount / MHX-101.6A

Higher moment of inertia to maximize stiffness and faster to reach thermal equilibrium characteristics are achieved by a hollow-frame design. Ideal for interference measurement or precision measurement.
Please check for an introduction video of the structure and features of MHX.
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  • The mirror is held in place at three points on the sides, including a leaf spring retention mechanism whose force can be adjusted with set screws.
  • The mirror can be inserted from the back of the holder and fixed so that the reflecting surface of the mirror stops at the butt of the mirror frame with MHX-25.4F-R. This ensures that the reflecting surface of the mirror is always aligned with the mounting center of the rod, even if the thickness of the mirror changes. (For MHX-***F/A, the mirror is inserted from the front of the holder; for MHX-12.7F-R, the mirror is inserted from the back, but the rod cannot be attached.
  • MHX-***F/F-R has three adjustment axes screws that allow the reflecting surface to be moved back and forth in addition to the adjustment of tilt and rotation. (MHX-***A has only 2 axes of adjustment screws, so it can only be used for adjustment of tilt and rotation.
  • Adhesive holes for mirror adhesion and pin holes for anti-rotation and positioning are equiped.
  • Highly rigid and stable mirror mount made of stainless steel, which has high material density and excellent strength.
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Catalog Code W4055
RoHS Yes
CAD data
  • Regarding how to fix the knob and the lock plate of MHX, please check from here.
  • Please use a hexagonal wrench to adjust the tilt and rotation. Do not use bare hands to turn the tilt or rotation screws. Hexagonal wrench with knob for MHX-12.7 (KCL-1513) is also available.
    We also offer a screw-in knob (MHX-K-M6) specifically for MHX instead of a hexagonal wrench.
  • A special lock (MHX-L-M*) is also available to hold the adjusted angle.
  • MHX-25.4/50.8 cannot be attached to M6 rods (RO). Use M4 or 8-32 UNC rods (ROC, RO-UU) when using a rod. MHX-12.7 is not compatible with tip threads rods. Both MHXs can be secured to post stands or various plate with M4 or 8-32 UNC threads. (For MHX-12.7, use the supplied small head bolts.
  • When using a rod, it is not possible to change the beam transmission direction of the mirror holder. Use a post stand (PST) to change the direction.
  • When used with a cross beam (optical system such as a Michelson interferometer), the effective diameter of the beam becomes smaller.
Weight 1.13 kg
Primary material Stainless
Adjustment Range /Tilt ±2 °
Adjustment Range /Rotation ±2 °
Compatible Optics Diameter φ101.6 mm
Finish None
Clear aperture φ96 mm