Small Lens Claw / MLH-15

Mounts designed to hold small diameter lenses of φ15mm or less.
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◦The spring-loaded arm holds the lenses.
◦MLH-10 allows small lenses to be held close to each other.
◦MLH-10 can be installed with cross clamps (CCHN).
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W6054
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Catalog Code W4021
RoHS Yes
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CAD data
Guide ▶Micro Lens Claws (MLH-SF) are available for micro lenses with diameter of φ5mm or less.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4051
▶Post length can be changed by specifying the post length when you place an order. We may charge the difference in price depending on the length. Contact our Sales Division for more information.
Attention ▶Different diameters affect the center point of the lens in relation to the optical axis.
▶To mount a lens in MLH-10: place the lens on a flat surface and gently release the clamp to secure the lens.

Weight 0.02kg
Primary material Aluminum
Compatible Optics Diameter φ5 - φ15mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 1 - 6mm
Finish Black Anodized