Small Kinematic Mirror Holder / MMH-50M6

Compact mirror holders with minimum necessary functions.
Compatible with various sizes of mirrors by attaching the mirror to the holder using adhesive. Appropriate for usage where operability of angle fine-tuning is not an issue and mirrors need to be placed within a limited space inside a device.
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◦With the mirror case adapters (MKAD), standard mirrors can be easily mounted and removed.
◦In order to avoid interference with other holders, there are two choices for the baseplate mounting hole position; MMHN-25 type has the mounting holes on the mirror side, and MMHN-25R type has it on the adjustment screw side.
◦To align the reflective surface of the mirror to the post axis use holders MMHN-25M6.
◦MMH-50 can fix φ40mm mirrors using mirror retaining screws. □50mm mirrors also can be held using adhesive when the top mounting brackets and pins are removed.
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Catalog Code W4009
RoHS Yes
CAD data
Guide ▶□25mm square aluminum flat mirrors (TFA-25S05-10) and □50mm square aluminum flat mirrors (TFA-50S08-10) are available.(WEB Reference Catalog Code/W3403)
Attention ▶When mirrors are bonded to holders, stress exerted by hardening of adhesive may deteriorate the surface accuracy of mirrors. Use silicon adhesive that has less stress when optical systems require surface accuracy of mirrors such as interferometers or laser processing.
▶Mirrors may not be removed once they are bonded. Holder performance will deteriorate if trying to remove mirrors by force, or keeping holders in high temperature for a prolonged time. Bond mirrors carefully to avoid failure.
▶Since these are kinematic mirror holders, the rotation center of the fine-adjustment mechanism is not on the reflective surface of mirror.Gimbal mirror holders (MHAN) that have the rotation center of fine adjustment on the reflective surface of mirror are also available. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/D018)

Type Kinematic Type
Weight 0.26kg
Primary material Aluminum
Compatible Optics Diameter <□50mm/φ40mm
Fine-Adjustment Range /Tilt ±4°
Fine-Adjustment Range /Rotation ±4°
Finish Black Anodized
Resolution /Tilt about 0.38°/rotation
Resolution /Rotation about 0.38°/rotation