Small Kinematic Mirror Holder / MMHN-25LRO

Rectangular mirrors can be bonded to the front plate and circular mirrors can be bonded or held with the mirror adapters (MKAD).
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◦MKAD adapters allow for easy removal and mounting of circular mirrors.
◦Two baseplate versiosn are available. MMHN-25L type has the mounting holes on the mirror side, and MMHN-25R type has mounting on the adjustment screw side.
◦To align the reflective surface of the mirror to the mounting post axis use MMHN-25LRO mirror holders.
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Catalog Code W4009
RoHS Yes
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CAD data
Guide ▶25mm square aluminum flat mirrors (TFA-25S05-10) are available.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W3403
Attention ▶The adjustment is not along the reflective surface of the mirror. Gimbal mirror holders (MHAN) have the adjustment along the reflective surface the mirrors.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4010

Type Kinematic Type
Weight 0.09kg
Primary material Aluminum
Compatible Optics Diameter <□25mm/<φ25mm
Fine-Adjustment Range /Tilt ±5°
Fine-Adjustment Range /Rotation ±5°
Finish Black Anodized
Resolution /Tilt about 0.9°/rotation
Resolution /Rotation about 0.9°/rotation