For Objective Lenses / SGSP-OBL

Stepping motor type objective lens actuator provides much longer travel than Piezo type actuators.

The 5-phase stepping motor can be connected to any of our standard stepping motor controllers.
With a compact and high resolution design this is best suited for incorporation into a microscope lens tube or an auto focus system.
Can be used for upright type and inverted type microscopes.


Part Number SGSP-OBL-3
Travel 3mm
Stage Size (Mounted adapter)
Feed Screw Precision ground screw φ6mm, 0.5mm lead
Positioning Slide Crossed roller guide
Stage Material Aluminum
Finish White anodized
Load Capacity 4.9N(0.5kgf)
Weight 0.4kg


Objective Lens Adapters

Part Number Mounting Screw Size A B
OBL-ADP3-M20.32A Microscope side M20.32 M20.32 P=0.706(W0.8×1/36) 15mm
OBL-ADP3-M20.32B Objective lens side M20.32 M20.32 P=0.706(W0.8×1/36)
OBL-ADP3-M25.0A Microscope side M25.0 M25.0 P=0.705 20mm
OBL-ADP3-M25.0B Objective lens side M25.0 M25.0 P=0.705
OBL-ADP3-M26.0A Microscope side M26.0 M26.0 P=0.706(W26.0×1/36) 21mm
OBL-ADP3-M26.0B Objective lens side M26.0 M26.0 P=0.706(W26.0×1/36)
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