Z Axis OSMS Series Translation Motorized Stages - 5 Phase Stepping Motor / OSMS-Z

Stepping motor driven stages, ideal for positioning of measuring instruments or inspection tools for which high stiffness and high precision are required.
These stages are our standard CE-compliant motorized stages, covering motors neatly.
Stepping motor stages compatible with versatile travel range between 35 to 500mm and can be used in any orientation.


Part Number Stage Size
(M6, INCH)
Height of the center of the top plate
at the middle of the travel range
Travel Load Capacity
Top Plate Mounting Hole Type
OSMS20-35(Z) OSMS20-35(Z)-M6 OSMS20-35(Z)-INCH 85x85mm 95mm
35mm 29.4N (3.0kgf)*
OSMS20-85(Z) OSMS20-85(Z)-M6 OSMS20-85(Z)-INCH 85x85mm 120mm 85mm 29.4N (3.0kgf)*
OSMS26-50(Z) OSMS26-50(Z)-M6 OSMS26-50(Z)-INCH 100x100mm
50mm 39.2N (4.0kgf)
OSMS26-100(Z) OSMS26-100(Z)-M6 OSMS26-100(Z)-INCH 100x100mm
150mm 100mm 39.2N (4.0kgf)
OSMS26-200(Z) OSMS26-200(Z)-M6 OSMS26-200(Z)-INCH 100x100mm
200mm 39.2N (4.0kgf)
OSMS26-300(Z) OSMS26-300(Z)-M6 OSMS26-300(Z)-INCH 100x100mm
250mm 300mm 39.2N (4.0kgf)
OSMS33-300(Z) OSMS33-300(Z)-M6 OSMS33-300(Z)-INCH 120x120mm 250mm
300mm 58.8N (6.0kgf)
OSMS33-500(Z) OSMS33-500(Z)-M6 OSMS33-500(Z)-INCH 120x120mm 350mm 500mm 58.8N (6.0kgf)

* When using SHOT-702, SHOT-702H, GIP-101B, SHOT-302GS, SHOT-304GS, HIT-MV, HIT-SA and HSC-103

We also offer our unique, space-saving design that incorporates the motor body and complies with CE regulations, resulting in a highly compact and precise small-sized Translation Motorized Stages, Flat Z axis - 5 Phase Stepping Motor (OSMS-ZF series).
The stage surface for vertical movement is horizontal, ensuring smooth motion. With minimal protrusions, it is ideal for integration into various devices.
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