Spatial Filter Holder / MSF-2

Spatial filters are optical instruments for eliminating distorted laser wavefronts and noise to emit beams in clean spherical waves. Used in optical systems such as interferometers and holograms where wavefront quality is critical.

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◦Since the objective lens is fitted with a linear motion stage with screw to adjust focal point position, and the pinhole is fitted with a precision two-axis pinhole holder to adjust in-plane position, spot light of the laser will pass the pinhole with good reproducibility.
◦Have an overall tilt adjustment mechanism.
◦A well corrected achromatic in the output beam of the spatial filter can be used to collimate the filtered beam.
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Catalog Code W4126
RoHS Yes
CAD data
Tilt Adjustment Range ±7°
Tilt Adjustment resolution 0.54°/ rotation
Objective Lens OBL-10-A
Objective Lens Front and Back resolution 0.5mm/ rotation
Pinhole XY Adjustment Range ±1.75mm
Pinhole XY Coarse resolution 0.5mm/ rotation
Pinhole XY Scale MIN Reading 0.0025mm/DIV
Pinhole Diameter φ25μm
Weight 0.53kg
Primary material Aluminum
Objective Lens Front and Back Adjustment Range ±5mm
Finish Black Anodized