10nm Feedback Stage / NFS60-40PX

High resolution feedback stage with 5-phase stepping motor, built-in glass scale, and CE/UKCA marking. The built-in optical glass scale provides high positional repeatability and high resolution.
The 10 nm Feedback Stage is available in 8 different table sizes.
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  • Ball screw drive allows longer travel than piezo stages, and a wide variety of travel and table sizes can be selected.
  • A plugin for the "Autoconfig" function is equipped for user convenience.
  • Controllers compatible with the Feedback Stage (NFS series) are available.
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Catalog Code W9316
RoHS Yes
CE Yes
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  • When operating, use in an environment with minimal temperature fluctuation. (Recommended: 23±1℃)
  • Use the product in an environment with as little vibration as possible. Or use it in an anti-vibration environment.
  • Use in an environment free of oil mist. Otherwise, the glass scale may become contaminated and scale errors may occur.
  • Contact our Sales if you intend to mount a workpiece larger than the size of the table surface.
Stage Size110x60mm
Feed ScrewBall screw diameter φ4mm, 1mm lead
Positioning SlideCrossed roller
Stage MaterialAluminium
FinishBlack anodized
Resolution (Full)2μm/pulse *1
Resolution (Half)1μm/pulse *1
MAX Speed10mm/sec
Positioning Accuracy1μm *2
Positional Repeatability0.5μm *2
Micro-range Bi-directional Repeatability±20nm *3
Minimum Incremental Motion (reference)30nm
Load Capacity49N(5.0kgf)
Moment Stiffness / Pitch0.5″/N・cm
Moment Stiffness / Yaw0.5″/N・cm
Moment Stiffness / Roll0.5″/N・cm
Lost Motion0.5μm
Running Parallelism10μm
Motor / Motor Type5-phase stepping motor 0.75A/phase(Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.)
Motor / Motor Part NumberPK523PMB-C5(□28mm)
Scale Resolution10nm

*1 Resolution is automatically set by “AutoConfig” when SHRC controller is connected.
*2 Values when the multi-point error compensation function is enabled.
*3 Micro-range Bi-directional Repeatability is a test to measure repetitive positioning accuracy (ISO) in a micro range. Measurement step for 10 nm feedback stage (NFS-PX series): 50 nm