Glass Thickness Compensation Ultra-violet Objective Lenses / PFL-UV-AG-LC

PFL-UV-AG-LC series are objective lenses of which magnification cover 20X,50X and 80X. They can be used in a laser processing machines which is using 266nm and 532nm YAG pulse laser. Its glass-thickness- compensation optical design makes it possible to realize an ideal beam spot size and quality even if it was processed thorough a cover glass. These objective lenses will well match with a laser repair processing for LCD or OLED module.

Two kinds objective lenses are available. They are designed to correct aberration depending on the thickness of cover glass.(t= 0.7 mm and 1.1 mm)
It is the long working infinity correction function that is used to introduce a laser system and coaxial observation.
It is also used for the observation of ultra-violet light.
Laser Damage Threshold (0.09 J/cm2 (266nm), 0.2J/cm2 (532nm),
(Laser pulse width: 10ns, repetition frequency: 20Hz)



Part Number Item Name Glass thickness Magnification Focal length NA Working Distance
Focal Depth
Real field of view
(Eyepiece φ24mm)
Real field of View
(Imaging device 1/2-inch)
PFL-20-UV-AG-LC07-A LCD Plan UV 20x 0.7mm 20x 10mm 0.36 15.15mm 0.76μm ±2.1μm φ1.2mm 0.24×0.32mm 0.35kg
PFL-50-UV-AG-LC07-A LCD Plan UV 50x 0.7mm 50x 4mm 0.42 11.99mm 0.65μm ±1.6μm φ0.48mm 0.10×0.13mm 0.40kg
PFL-80-UV-AG-LC07-A LCD Plan UV 80x 0.7mm 80x 2.5mm 0.55 9.78mm 0.50μm ±0.9μm φ0.3mm 0.06×0.08mm 0.30kg
PFL-20-UV-AG-LC11-A LCD Plan UV 20x 1.1mm 20x 10mm 0.36 15.20mm 0.76μm ±2.1μm φ1.2mm 0.24×0.32mm 0.35kg
PFL-50-UV-AG-LC11-A LCD Plan UV 50x 1.1mm 50x 4mm 0.42 12.02mm 0.65μm ±1.6μm φ0.48mm 0.10×0.13mm 0.40kg
PFL-80-UV-AG-LC11-A LCD Plan UV 80x 1.1mm 80x 2.5mm 0.55 10.65mm 0.50μm ±0.9μm φ0.3mm 0.06×0.08mm 0.35kg
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