CaF2 window for Ultraviolet and Infrared Laser / OPCFU-50C05-P

The CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride) crystal windows offer superior transmission in broad wavelength range from vacuum ultraviolet (130nm) to Infra-red (8μm).
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◦These CaF2 windows contain low impurities and assure a high transmission in the UV regions.
◦High durability in a high humidity environment when compared to other glass materials.
◦CaF2 is an isotropic type of optics, there is no birefringence.
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Catalog Code W3151
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶We also offer AR coating and Protective layer coating on substrates.
▶For product sizes and wedges which are not listed on our website or in our catalog, please contact our Sales Division with your requests.
Attention ▶CaF2 are soft and susceptible to cracking as well as cleavage if subjected to rapid changes in temperature. They should be handled accordingly.
▶Windows are offered standard with no AR coating and provide transmittance of 94% after loss of 3% for each surface.
▶Wavefront reflection and transmission is not guaranteed; for interferometer and high precision optical application, please contact our Sales Division with your custom requests.
MaterialCalcium Fluoride
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig)60−40
Clear aperture90% of the diameter
Diameter φDφ50mm
Thickness t5mm
Wavelength Range130 - 8000nm