Germanium Window for Infrared Laser / OPGE-50C05-P

The Germanium as a mono crystal primarily used in semi-conductor is non-absorptive at 2μm to 20μm IR regions. It is used here as an optical component for IR region applications.

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◦These germanium windows do not transmit at 1.5µm region or below, therefore its main application is in the IR regions.
◦Germanium windows can be used in various infrared experiments.
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Catalog Code W3154
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶For transmittance at visible regions optics, we recommend to use ZnSe IR spectrum windows.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W3152
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Attention ▶Germanium windows have a shiny metal surface; it reflects and absorbs but does not transmit in the visible regions.
▶Germanium windows surface reflection results in transmittance loss of 42%. (Measured data 1 surface reflection at 35%)
MaterialGermanium Single Crystal
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig)40−20
Clear aperture90% of the diameter
Diameter φDφ50mm
Thickness t5mm