Sapphire Window for Infrared Laser / OPSH-30C02-P

These Sapphire windows contain no impurities and provide high transmittance without any absorption covering the visible and infrared regions of the spectrum. Recommended to use these sapphire windows where the most durable surface is required such as cover windows.
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◦Sapphire windows have excellent heat and weather resistance and can be used in outdoor applications or as a protective glass for optical systems.
◦High transmittance from visible regions to Infrared regions of the spectrum and are widely used as windows for detector systems.
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Catalog Code W3150
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶For Wavelength from 130nm to 8μm, we recommend to use the UV substrates CaF2 window substrates (OPCFU).
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W3151
▶For product sizes and wedges which are not listed on our website or in our catalog, please contact our Sales Division with your requests.
Attention ▶Fluorescence illuminant may occur with strong UV light exposure. For high UV exposure applications we recommend CaF2 Windows (OPCF).
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W3151
▶Windows are offered standard with no AR coating and provide transmittance of 94% after loss of 3% for each surface.
Remarks ▶Sapphire known as jewelry, is what metal ions such as iron and titanium mixed natural sapphire crystal. Artificial sapphire crystal is colorless and transparent.
MaterialOptical Sapphire Crystal (Uniaxial crystal)
Crystal axisNot define the direction of the crystal axis
Wavelength Range400~5000nm
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig)40−20
Clear aperture90% of the diameter