Variable Beamsplitter / VBS


With a variable beamsplitter, the incident angle of a laser can be changed.
The (R:T) ratios can also be modified. This is commonly used to adjust the light intensity of the laser without a variable adjustment of the light intensity or the laser to be stabilized.

Light Path Corrector (WSQNA/WBNA) are also available to compensate for beam shifts caused by variable beam splitters.

Common Specifications

Material BK7 Synthetic fused silica
Surface Flatness λ
Coating Front surface: Dielectric multilayer coating
Rear surfaces: Multi-layer anti-reflection coating
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig) 10-5
Clear Aperture Circle that inscribed in a square of 90% of the dimensions
Effective Beam Incident Diameter Ellipsoidal 30×43mm (Angle of inclinaison)


Schematic Outline Drawing


Part Number Wavelength Range S-Polarization Transmittance
S-Polarization Transmittance
Material Laser Damage Threshold*
VBS-50S03-1-266 266nm >90% <5% Synthetic fused silica 1Jcm2
VBS-50S03-1-355 355nm >93% <5% Synthetic fused silica 1Jcm2
VBS-50S03-1-532 532nm >95% <5% BK7 2.5Jcm2
VBS-50S03-1-1064 1064nm >95% <5% BK7 3.5Jcm2

*Laser pulse width 10ns, repetition frequency 20Hz

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