Gold Flat Mirror / TFG-25C05-10-C

Gold (Au) coated reflection mirrors have high reflectance in a wide infrared range.

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◦Chromium (Cr) is deliberately undercoated to better reinforce the adhesion of gold to the substrate.
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Catalog Code W3011
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶Please contact our Sales Division for customized products. (customize outer diameter
Attention ▶When silicon mirrors are water-cooled, heat dissipates more quickly and they have higher durability.
▶Since gold coating has an extremely low mechanical strength, extra care should be taken and it is recommended that cleaning of the surface be limited to blowing off the coated surface.
▶Reflectance of the specification are represented by the average of the reflectance of P polarized light and S polarized light.
TypeGlass Circle
CoatingCr (Chromium)+Au(Gold) 
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig)40−20
Clear apertureCircle of 90% of the diameter or Circle that inscribed in a square of 90% of the dimensions
Laser Damage Threshold1.2kW/cm2 (CW laser)
Optics Sizeφ25mm
Thickness t5mm
Quantity10 pieces 1 set
Surface Flatness (Wavelegth 632.8nm)λ/10
Surface Flatness (Convert at 10.6μm)λ/160
Rear surfacePolished