Laser Beam Expander for CO2 Laser / BE-10600-A

This is a beam expander for CO2 Laser (wavelength: 10.6μm) made of zinc selenide (ZnSe) lens. It will be used in laser marking system and so on.

Diopter correction function is provided, customer can fine-tune the collimated beam.
Because it is a beam expander type of the Galilean, it is compact and has good aberration characteristics.
Since the lens of zinc selenide has an anti-reflection coating, loss of light intensity is kept low.
Important: Treatment of ZnSe optics
ZnSe (Zinc selenide) is Poisonous and harmful substance classified as legal, depending on the specifications, the certificate of delivery may be required for acquisition of Poisonous and harmful substances.In addition, ZnSe Optics disposal after use is prohibited in general.
Lenses that are no longer needed, please return it to us.

However, we only take back products that we supplied. This policy noted is in Japan and other countries may differ in the treatment of ZnSe (Zinc selenide), please contact your local sales office.


Common Specifications

Material Zinc selenide (ZnSe) 炭酸ガスレーザ用ビームエキスパンダー
Design Wavelength 10.6μm
Coating Dielectric multi-layer coating
Transmittance >97.0%


Outline Drawing


Part Number Magnification Output Clear Aperture Diameter
BE-10600-3A 3x φ28mm φ36mm
BE-10600-4A 4x φ28mm φ36mm
BE-10600-5A 5x φ23mm φ30mm
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