High Power Laser Beam Expander (3x - 10x) / BEHP

These laser beam expanders are designed for use with a high-power laser.
It supports a broader wavelength range than the current models.
It can be used in an optical system with high precision, such as a laser interferometer and processing by the lens design that takes into account the wavefront aberration.

◦The optical system of the beam expander utilizes an air gap configuration that does not use an adhesive bonding of lens.
By turning the diopter ring that is attached to the center of the beam expander, you can make variable beams such as a focused beam, collimated beam, and a divergent beam. It is used when you want to vary the position of the beam waist and where precision collimation adjustment is necessary


Common Specifications

Lens Material Synthetic fused silica
Configuration of Lens 2 group 4plates Galilean
Acceptance Range of Incident Angle ±1°
Coating Antireflection coating (Design wavelength: 633nm)
A Range of the Length of Lens Barrel ±5mm
Frame Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized


Outline Drawing


Part Number Design Wavelength Beam Magnification Input Clear Aperture Laser Damage Threshold*
BEHP-3-266 266nm 3x φ10mm 2J/cm2
BEHP-5-266 266nm 5x φ6mm 2J/cm2
BEHP-10-266 266nm 10x φ3mm 2J/cm2
BEHP-3-355 355nm 3x φ10mm 4J/cm2
BEHP-5-355 355nm 5x φ6mm 4J/cm2
BEHP-10-355 355nm 10x φ3mm 4J/cm2
BEHP-3-532 532nm 3x φ10mm 5J/cm2
BEHP-5-532 532nm 5x φ6mm 5J/cm2
BEHP-10-532 532nm 10x φ3mm 5J/cm2
BEHP-3-1064 1064nm 3x φ10mm 7J/cm2
BEHP-5-1064 1064nm 5x φ6mm 7J/cm2
BEHP-10-1064 1064nm 10x φ3mm 7J/cm2

*Laser pulse width 10ns, repetition frequency 20Hz

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