AR Coated Window for High Power Laser / WSQNAHP

These optical windows have high-quality and may be used when light is passed through the opposite side of the partition or in the vacuum chamber. Since the windows have anti-reflection coatings the transmittance is increased so they can be used as a window for laser irradiation windows and the observation of the sample.

Due to a high laser durability coating applied on low-scattering substrates, these can be used with high-energy pulse lasers.
We provide windows for YAG laser fundamental (1064nm), second harmonic (532nm), third harmonic (355nm), and fourth harmonic (266nm).


Common Specifications

Material Synthetic fused silica
Surface Flatness of Ssubstrate λ/10
Coating Multi-layer anti-reflection coating
Transmittance >99%
Incident angle
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig) 10-5
Clear Aperture 90% of the diameter


Schematic Outline Drawing


Part Number
Wavelength Range Diameter
Wedge Angle
Laser Damage Threshold*
WSQNAHP-25.4C03-10-266 266nm φ25.4mm 3mm <5″ 4J/cm2
WSQNAHP-30C03-10-266 266nm φ30mm 3mm <5″ 4J/cm2
WSQNAHP-30C05-10W-266 266nm φ30mm 5mm 1°±5′ 4J/cm2
WSQNAHP-50C05-10-266 266nm φ50mm 5mm <5″ 4J/cm2
WSQNAHP-50C08-10W-266 266nm φ50mm 8mm 1°±5′ 4J/cm2
WSQNAHP-25.4C03-10-355 355nm φ25.4mm 3mm <5″ 4J/cm2
WSQNAHP-30C03-10-355 355nm φ30mm 3mm <5″ 4J/cm2
WSQNAHP-30C05-10W-355 355nm φ30mm 5mm 1°±5′ 4J/cm2
WSQNAHP-50C05-10-355 355nm φ50mm 5mm <5″ 4J/cm2
WSQNAHP-50C08-10W-355 355nm φ50mm 8mm 1°±5′ 4J/cm2
WSQNAHP-25.4C03-10-532 532nm φ25.4mm 3mm <5″ 15J/cm2
WSQNAHP-30C03-10-532 532nm φ30mm 3mm <5″ 15J/cm2
WSQNAHP-30C05-10W-532 532nm φ30mm 5mm 1°±5′ 15J/cm2
WSQNAHP-50C05-10-532 532nm φ50mm 5mm <5″ 15J/cm2
WSQNAHP-50C08-10W-532 532nm φ50mm 8mm 1°±5′ 15J/cm2
WSQNAHP-25.4C03-10-1064 1064nm φ25.4mm 3mm <5″ 20J/cm2
WSQNAHP-30C03-10-1064 1064nm φ30mm 3mm <5″ 20J/cm2
WSQNAHP-30C05-10W-1064 1064nm φ30mm 5mm 1°±5′ 20J/cm2
WSQNAHP-50C05-10-1064 1064nm φ50mm 5mm <5″ 20J/cm2
WSQNAHP-50C08-10W-1064 1064nm φ50mm 8mm 1°±5′ 20J/cm2

* Laser pulse width 10ns, repetition frequency 20Hz

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