Adapter for Polarizing Prism / OSMS-60-GHD-25.4-2

Automatically rotating the polarizing prism (25.4mm outer diameter).
Confirming the size of polarizing prism to ensure proper selection of adapter.
Utilizing our OSMS-60YAW motorized rotation stage to realize high accuracy rotation alignment.
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◦Can be operated with our controller (see below the table).
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Catalog Code W4155
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶Adapters, which are available individually, can be easily installed onto the mounting surface of stage (OSMS-60YAW or discontinued SGSP-60YAW-0B). The optics is secured using retaining ring.
▶To secure the optics, a retaining ring spanner is required.
▶Please contact us for installation onto other automatic rotation stages.
▶Please contact us for mounting prisms with different sizes.

Compatible Optics Diameter φ25.4mm
Weight 0.11㎏
Compatible Optics Thickness 28 - 38 mm