Motorized Stage (2-Phase Motor) / OSMS(RE)33-300(X)-M6-M2

Based on our CE-compliant OSMS Series Translation Motorized Stages, we have newly added a model equipped with a "2-phase stepping motor with rotary encoder" to our lineup.
A rotary encoder built into the motor enables "Step-out detection" with a dedicated controller.
Stepping motor stages compatible with versatile travel range between 35 to 500mm and can be used in any orientation.

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Part Number
  • The product is equipped with a "2-phase bipolar stepping motor".
  • Specifications of the stage main unit are equivalent to those of OSMS Series Translation Motorized Stages.
  • Table size can be selected from 85x85 or 120x120 mm.
  • The product main body are the same for the METRIC and INCH type stages.
  • METRIC and INCH types are available for mounting on the table for each size.
More Information
Catalog Code W9322
RoHS Yes
CE Yes
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  • Please purchase "D15D15A-CA" cable and "GSEF-CA-3" separately to connect to the Controller.
  • When the step-out detection function is not used, “GSEF-CA-3” is not necessary. * Please disable the step-out detection function on the controller side in that case.
  • Please use a controller for 2-phase stepping motors. Other controllers will not operate properly.
Mechanical Specifications
Stage Size120x120mm
Feed ScrewBall screw diameter φ10mm, 10mm lead
Positioning SlideOuter rail structure
Stage MaterialAluminum
FinishBlack anodized
Accuracy Specificati
Resolution (Full)50μm/pulse
Resolution (Half)25μm/pulse
Positioning Accuracy25μm
Positional Repeatability6μm
Load Capacity196N(20.0kgf)
Moment Stiffness / Pitch0.12″/N・cm
Moment Stiffness / Yaw0.08″/N・cm
Moment Stiffness / Roll0.1″/N・cm
Lost Motion5μm
Running Parallelism15μm
Sensor Part NumberMicro photo sensor:GP1S097HCZ0F(Sharp Corporation)
Limit SensorEquipped (NORMAL CLOSE)
Origin SensorEquipped (NORMAL OPEN)
Proximity Origin SensorEquipped (NORMAL OPEN)
Type2-phase stepping motor 1.5A/相
Motor Part NumberPKP245D15A2-A1 (Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.)
Step Angle1.8°
Resolution of Rotary Encoder500 P/R
Rotary EncoderPower Voltage/Current ConsumptionDC5V±10% / 50mA
Power VoltageDC5~24V±5%
Current Consumption80mA or lower (20mA or lower per sensor)
Control OutputNPN open collector output DC30V or lower, 50mA or lower
Output LogicWhen shaded: Output transistor OFF (no conduction) : Limit Sensor
When shaded: Output transistor ON (conduction): Origin sensor, Proximity Origin Sensor