Polarcor Polarizer / PLC-10-1550

Polarcor is a glass made polarizer; it offers a high extinction ratio in the infrared region. It is widely used in experiments of telecommunication LD.

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◦Strong against corrosion and scratches resistant; offers excellent durability.
◦High transmittance in the infrared region, usable for high power laser.
◦Mounted in aluminum frame; easy to be placed in mirror holder.
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Catalog Code W3038
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶For larger effective diameter, please see our NIR polarizer product at page.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W3037
▶For unmounted product, please contact our Sales Division with your requests.
Attention ▶Low transmittance when used in visible region.
▶When use at unspecified wavelengths the extinction ratio is worsen.
MaterialAlkali Borosilicate Glass
Extinction Ratio 1×10-4
Acceptance angle±15°
Transmitted wavefront distortionλ
Angular deviation of beam<20″
CoatingBoth surfaces ; Antireflection Coating
Housing MaterialAluminum (Finishing ; Black Anodized)
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig)40−20
Laser Damage Threshold0.1J/cm2 (Laser pulse width ; 13ns )
25W/cm2 (CW)
Wavelength Range1510~1590nm