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SIGMAKOKI CO.,LTD. (here referred to as "SIGMAKOKI") fully recognizes the importance of protecting our customers' personal information, understands and strictly observes all relevant laws and regulations concerning the protection of privacy. In all of our company's activities, including the operations of the website, the method handling of personal privacy is as follows. Management and operations follow this method.

The Collection of Personal Information

SIGMAKOKI may collect the information (here referred to as "Personal Information") as a means of identifying the customer in the following cases.

Requests for catalog, pamphlet and booklet
Inquiries via web or email
Inquiries via contact sheet in catalogs, etc.
Exchanging business cards with sales representatives
User registration on website and use of customer My Page
About website security measures
① About SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

On the SIGMAKOKI website, measures are taken to prevent third parties from intercepting communications and communication is encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on pages where Personal Information is sent and received such as during user registration, or when browsing or changing registered user information.

② About cookies

When a customer uses the SIGMAKOKI website, in order to make browsing more convenient, data called cookies may be sent and recorded on the hard disk to identify the computer used by the customer. Note that customer Personal Information is not included in the cookies used on the SIGMAKOKI website, and cookies are never used for the purpose of acquiring information related to the customer's privacy. Cookies are only used for the purpose of enhancing the convenience of customers when using the SIGMAKOKI website. It is possible for customers to refuse to accept cookies depending on their Internet browser settings, but please note that this may result in some services on the SIGMAKOKI website becoming unavailable for normal use.

③ About using Google Analytics

SIGMAKOKI may use Google Analytics on its website to understand the usage situation. Google Analytics uses first party cookies to gather access information for our website without identifying individuals.
The method of collecting and using access information is determined by the Google Analytics service terms of service and the Google privacy policy.
For more information on Google Analytics please visit the following page:

(Google Analytics™ is a trademark of Google Inc.)

④ About access logs

The SIGMAKOKI web server automatically collects logs such as the IP address and domain name of customers who accessed the website, the type of browser, and the access date. The information obtained by these logs is used for website marketing to improve user convenience by investigating how the website is used, and is not used for other purposes. In addition, the collected information does not include information that identifies customers (telephone number, personal name, email, etc.).

⑤ About virus countermeasures

A strict firewall is installed in the server where the SIGMAKOKI website is located, and in addition to preventing illegal entry from the outside such as by hackers, it is a mechanism which can detect and protect against the latest viruses as much as possible. Also, on internal terminals, all emails from outside the company are checked for viruses and SIGMAKOKI operates with extreme caution when emails are sent.

Use of Personal Information

All Personal Information and transaction-related information collected via the aforementioned method or through web server log analysis, is not used for any purpose outside of the following:

Introducing the products and services to customers,
Notifying customers of received product orders and service requests,
Responses and confirmations of inquiries and orders,
Soliciting customer feedback on products and services
For information obtained from user registration, promotional activities, server log analysis, etc. as well as supporting statistical data and research on consumer behavior and purchasing patterns in order to provide goods and services that meet the each individual customer's needs.

Any collection of the Personal Information for reasons outside of the above will occur only after clearly introducing the purpose, at the bare minimum.

Management of Personal Information

All Personal Information is well-managed and is kept private from any third party unless any of the following applies:

SIGMAKOKI has your consent,
When necessary for business requests such as billing and shipping with subcontractors and others SIGMAKOKI has contracted with (including distributors and transportation companies)
When deemed appropriate for SIGMAKOKI's relevant departments or other relevant companies to respond to customer inquiries,
To provide anonymous and unidentifiable Personal Information for marketing statistics purposes
If a court or associated authority institution requires disclosure,
When required to disclose by laws and regulations
When SIGMAKOKI deems it necessary in order to protect customers, the rights of third parties, and property

SIGMAKOKI properly manages the Personal Information entrusted to us by our customers, and takes care to prevent outflow to outside parties. To this end, SIGMAKOKI has implemented appropriate and reasonable safety measures.

Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information, and Termination of Incorrect Personal Information.

With regard to the disclosure and correction of Personal Information and the termination of incorrect Personal Information, SIGMAKOKI will respond promptly after confirming contact from the customer him or herself.

Sharing of Information

SIGMAKOKI will share customer Personal Information as follows:

Scope of parties with whom information is shared

SIGMAKOKI and its group companies (Refers to the companies listed on the SIGMAKOKI website (http://www.sigma-koki.com/pages/company/global_en.php) as global network/group companies and related companies.)

Types of information used

Personal Information collected by SIGMAKOKI based on this privacy policy

Purpose of use

SIGMAKOKI may provide customer Personal Information such as name, workplace and home address, telephone number, fax number, email address, etc. required for business activities undertaken in collaboration with its group companies, to these group companies. In this case, SIGMAKOKI will provide customer Personal Information on paper or electronic media. In addition, customers can request SIGMAKOKI to stop providing Personal Information to its group companies.

Information Management Responsible Party


Relocation outside Japan

SIGMAKOKI will take necessary and appropriate measures in accordance with the contents stipulated by laws and regulations when it provides customer Personal Information to third parties such as businesses outside Japan, including outsourcing partners and joint use parties.

Contacting Us

For all inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

SIGMAKOKI CO.,LTD. Tokyo Head office

1-19-9, Midori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5638-8228 FAX: 03-5638-6550
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