High Power Laser Shutter Unit / SHPS-355

These electromagnetic shutters switch an optical path using a laser mirror for high power, and are compatible with high power pulse lasers. Selection of a wavelength that is a multiple of YAG laser frequency is possible.
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◦Typical application is as external shutters used in experiments where stable laser oscillation is required.
◦When the power supply is cut off or the wiring is disconnected, laser light is shut off for safety.
◦While the shutter is closed, laser light is safely terminated by beam dumps.
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Catalog Code W4110
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Guide ▶We can make this product compatible with wavelengths or beam diameters not listed in the catalog.
▶Please order the dedicated shutter controller (SSH-C2B) along with this product.
Attention ▶The dedicate cable (SSH-CA2-LOAA) is not included. Please order the cable along with the controller.
▶Before ordering this product, please make sure that the energy density of your laser does not exceed the laser damage threshold.
▶Please always use this shutter unit with the dedicated controller.
Otherwise, these shutters may not operate properly.
▶When the shutter is closed, the sound of metal being hit might come out from the beam dumps. The sound is caused by a shock wave generated when laser light converts to heat on the metal surface. It is not the sound of a mirror breaking in the shutter unit.
▶The beam dumps might become very hot when a high power laser is used. Please be careful of burns.
Shutter Speed about 200ms
Laser Power Limit <20W
Wavelength Range 355nm
Aperture Diameter φ8mm
Laser Damage Threshold (Typical) 8J/cm2
Weight about 0.8kg
Primary material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized