Near-infrared Sheet Polarizer / SPFN-30C-26

By the use of dichroic dye film, a good linear polarization can be obtained in a wide range. The sheet polarizer can be used in the basic polarization experiments which do not require high precision, and adjustment of the light intensity.
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◦Since the polarizing film is sandwiched between the protective glass plate, it hardly gets scratched, and dirt can be wiped off.
◦Because it is mounted in the frame, the handling of the optics and mounting in the holder is easy.
◦There are products offer for three wavelength ranges, Visible, UV and Near Infrared.
◦Since the anti-reflection film is applied on both sides the stray light and back reflection to the light source is reduced.
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Guide ▶A sheet polarizer other than the size listed on-line or in our catalog, or without the frame are also available.
▶If there is a request for specific transmittance, extinction ratio or wavelength range
Attention ▶A change in the incident angle may also change the extinction ratio of the linearly polarized transmitted light.
▶Separation angle will vary depending on the wavelength. Please confirm the wavelength characteristic graph for separation angle.
▶Because of natural calcite crystals, there are individual differences, and variations in quality.
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MaterialDicrhoic dye film Sheet glass (Quartz glass for NSPFU) Film laminated between optical glasses
CoatingBoth surfaces ; Antireflection Coating
Housing MaterialAluminum (Finishing ; Black Anodized)
Wavelength Range760 - 2000nm
Diameter of frame φAφ30mm
Clear aperture φDφ24mm
Thickness t3mm