Optical Window with anti-reflection coating / WBMA-40C04-10-IR2

These optical windows have high-quality and may be used when light is passed through the opposite side of the partition or in the vacuum chamber. Since the windows have anti-reflection coatings the transmittance is increased so they can be used as a window for laser irradiation windows and the observation of the sample.

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◦By anti-reflection coating with a dielectric multi-layer, it is reduced to less than 1% to 4% reflection loss of the glass surface.
◦Since we are using the high quality material, the image will not be distorted by the transmission of the glass, and the laser beam is not diffused.
◦When you insert an window perpendicular to the optical path of the laser, the angle of the transmitted beam will not be changed.
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Catalog Code W3147
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶Anti-reflection coatings are also available at your specified wavelength.
▶In addition to the products described on our website and in the catalog other sizes and wedged windows are available.
▶Please refer to here for wavelength_characteristic Data (Reference Data, EXCEL file format).
Attention ▶When using a laser which has a large diameter, there is a possibility that very little interference fringes will be observed in the luminance distribution of the transmitted light. To avoid this effect of the interference fringes, we provide wedged substrates.
▶When used at wavelengths other than the specified wavelength region, the loss of transmittance increases slightly.
▶When used in a large incident angle, there is a possibility that the transmittance decreases. Also available are anti-reflection coating to increase the transmittance at a particular angle of incidence.
Surface flatnessλ/10
CoatingDielectric multi-layer coating
Incident angle
Laser Damage Threshold4J/cm2 (Laser pulse width ; 10ns , Repetition frequency ; 20Hz)
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig)40−20
Clear aperture90% of the diameter
Wavelength range750~1550nm
Diameter φDφ40mm
Thickness t4mm