Light path corrector / WSQNA-50S03-1-266-0/45D

With a variable beamsplitter, the incident angle of a laser can be changed. The (R:T) ratios can also be modified. This is commonly used to adjust the light intensity of the laser without a variable adjustment of the light intensity or the laser to be stabilized.

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◦The beam shift caused by the tilt of the beamsplitter can be removed by using a correcting plate. (See how to use)
◦It can be used for arbitrary polarization. However, the transmittance characteristic depends on the polarization.
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Catalog Code W3023
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶Different size
Attention ▶When using with high power laser, make sure to execute at the end edge of the reflected light.
▶The reflectance properties of the optics may change in a high temperature environment.
▶When adjusting the transmittance, the incident angle may change and cause the light path to shift. To correct this, please use the light path corrector (model WSQNA/WBNA)
▶For a large beam size of 30mm diameter or larger and used it at a high inclination level, the beam can be cut at the reflected area.
▶For “P” polarization use, make sure that the incident angle is at 45 degrees or more.
MaterialSynthetic fused silica
Surface flatnessλ
CoatingBoth surfaces ; Antireflection coating
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig)10−5
Clear apertureCircle that intern
Effective beam incident diameterEllipsoidal 30×43mm (Angle of inclinaison)
Wavelength Range266nm
Transmittance of S Polarization (θ=0° - 45°)97% (average with respect to wavelength.)
Laser Damage Threshold 1J/cm2